Lifehack: this way your nails will dry much faster

Every woman knows how to flutter your hands after colouring your nails. And you are always far too impatient, which means that you put on your tights just too early, reply to your mail or curl your hair. As a result: stains, dents or a completely smeared nail polish. Frustrating! Fortunately, KOH has the ideal life hack: Dry Drops.

What is KOH Dry Drops?

These handy drops let your painted nails dry quickly. Dry Drop is a unique silicone-based emulsion that speeds up the evaporation process. Allowing your nail polish to dry faster. The benefits of Dry Drops:

✓ The emulsion is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E. These nourishing ingredients moisturise, soften and strengthen nails and cuticles.
✓ The bottle is in a luxury sleeve, making it easy and protected to carry the Dry Drops in your bag.
✓ You can use your hands again after a minute! So you never have to wait again. (Note: the nail polish is not yet impact-resistant).

This way you let your nails dry faster

After painting your nails and applying a topcoat, apply one drop of Dry Drops per nail. Now, wait one minute to make sure that your nail polish is dust-dry. You can now put on your clothes or put on your makeup with confidence – but be careful. Because the nail polish is not yet impacted resistant, it is advisable to wait a little longer before you start doing things when you blow-dry your hair or pour something to drink.


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