Perfect Nails Every Time with KOH Cosmetics’ Nail Polish Removers

Maintaining your nails is important, especially during the summer season when you want to flaunt those pretty shades of nail polish. However, frequent application and removal of nail polish can leave your nails brittle and dry, making them more susceptible to breakage. That’s why it is essential to use good quality acetone-free nail polish removers. KOH Cosmetics has created a range of nail polish removers that are gentle yet effective, ensuring that your nails stay healthy and strong.

Acetone-free is the best choice

Acetone is a popular ingredient in many nail polish removers because it effectively removes nail polish. However, acetone is also a harsh chemical that can cause dryness and damage to the nails and surrounding skin. Frequent use of acetone removers can strip the natural oils from the nail plate, leaving it dry, brittle and prone to breakage. In addition, acetone can also irritate the skin around the nails, leading to redness and peeling. For those with sensitive skin or weak nails, using acetone-free nail polish removers is highly recommended. These gentle alternatives are just as effective at removing polish while being much kinder to your nails and skin.

KOH WIPE IT AWAY: The One-Swipe Wonder

KOH WIPE IT AWAY is a concentrated formula that removes polish with ease, thanks to its handy brush applicator. Plus, it lasts longer than normal polish removers and is perfect for travel. With added Vitamin E and Castor Oil, it’s also gentle on dry, brittle nails. To use, apply a generous layer to each nail and wait five seconds before wiping the polish off with a cotton pad.

KOH CORRECTOR PEN: Precision Made Easy

For precise corrections, the KOH CORRECTOR PEN is the perfect tool. It gently cleans and de-greases the skin around the nail without using acetone, which can cause dehydration. With three different attachments for various polish colours, it’s easy to use and comes in a luxurious case that’s perfect for on-the-go.


Finally, the KOH PURIFYING POLISH REMOVER is designed to not only clean and de-grease your nails, but also nourish them with Castor-Almond oil and Vitamin E. This gentle formula doesn’t dry out your nails and is suitable for artificial nails too. Simply drizzle a cotton pad with the remover and rub each nail from cuticle to tip.

In conclusion, summer is a great time to show off your hands and to keep your hands looking beautiful and healthy, it’s important to take good care of them. This includes regular moisturising, avoiding harsh chemicals and activities that can damage your nails, and using gentle and nourishing products when removing nail polish.

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