Olor Verde

Hotspot Opening in Belgium: Olor Verde

For the opening of Olor Verde, we are taken to the entrance of their new store in a BMW shuttle. The red carpet has already been rolled out and we are greeted with a glass of champagne, burning candles and the fragance of fresh flowers. On May 17, KOH Cosmetics attended the opening of Olor Verde in Belgium.

The Olor Verde concept

Th smell of fresh flowers is linked to the name, Olor Verde, who has been famous for her stylish floral arrangements since 1998. The Olor Verde concept store takes this idea of a ‘flower shop’ to the next level. As well as enchanting flowers, there is original furniture from Scapa home and Henry Dean for those looking for real statement pieces for their home.

Fragance & color

For lovers of exclusive perfumes, Olor Verde is the perfect hotspot in Belgium. In addition to furniture and flowers, Olor Verde specializes in luxury perfume, coffee, wine and photography. The store has its own perfume bar, a new and unique concept in Belgium. Brands like Juliette Has a Gun and Amouage are not easily found in other regular perfumeries, making a trip to Olor Verde a true experience to admire and remember.

KOH Cosmetics is not to be missed as part of this unique concept. Next to the luxurious perfumes, you will find KOH’s hand and nail care. Shop your KOH favorites such as the Calcium Nail Whitener, the Essential Hand Nourisher or, the Crystal Nail File. In addition, Olor Verde is home to no less than 42 KOH Colors, a color for every occasion and outfit!

You will soon to be able to enjoy KOH workshops and manicures at Olor Verde.

Do you like and enjoy design, luxury and perfume? Then, visit Olor Verde soon for a unique experience! Taste delicious coffee and wine, fall in love with a designer piece of furniture and go home with a romantic bunch of flowers for your loved one, or treat yourself to perfumes and KOH products!

Olor Verde Concept
Haachtsebaan 48A
3140 Keerbergen

Opening Hours:
Monday 13:30 – 18:00
Tuesday to Friday 9:30 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 18:30
Saturday 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
Sunday 09:30 – 13:00

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