Holiday Prep: Getting Ready for the Festive Season

Family visits, dinner preparations, Christmas shopping, end-of-year deadlines… December is just around the corner. And although this time of year is largely about spending time with loved ones, it is not uncommon for our stress levels to rise (and often somewhat considerably). The good news is that you’ve still got a bit of time. But how should you prepare? Keep scrolling and find out.

Get the gifts early

Getting your Christmas shopping done early has many advantages. Not only does it limit your stress during December, but it also means that you have more of a choice when deciding what to buy. Most products will still be in stock, and you can avoid the crowds and last-minute scramble for gifts, both online and in-store. Free up a Sunday afternoon (make it a duvet day if you like), pour yourself a cuppa and start browsing the online shelves. When done, give yourself a break and go for a stroll in the park. Use this time to gather some leaves, twigs and flowers. Let these dry, and use them as festive decorations for your gifts.

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Prepare your nails

When nails are in good condition, your polish lasts longer. That’s something we all want, especially during the holidays. So, take a break from using nail polish in November and use the time to take extra good care of your nails. For example:

Additionally, you might also want to think about your favourite nail shapes. Do you prefer square or round nails? Either way, the Crystal Nail File will get your nails into shape without causing any rough or jagged edges.

Don’t forget your body…

The autumnal landscape is breathtaking, but unfortunately, it doesn’t do our skin any favours. That’s mainly due to the stark and contrasting temperatures that we face at this time of year. Outside, it’s getting colder. Inside, it’s getting warmer. So, how do we keep our skin healthy and protected? Trying putting a rich and deeply moisturizing cream in the bathroom (ideally somewhere conspicuous). The Unique Lifting Formula, for example, is ideal for your hands and arms. As well as minimizing wrinkles, the added vitamins A, C and E also help improve the elasticity of your skin.

If you really want to do this properly, you should also have something handy for when you’re on the go. The Essential Hand Nourisher, for example, stimulates the growth of new and healthy cell tissue. If you then follow the tips in this blog while drinking plenty of water and going for an occasional workout, you’re sure to be in good shape for the festive season.

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