Nail Polish – Step by step

KOH Colours create the ultimate elegant look for every occasion. Follow the KOH Nail Polish step-by-step plan for perfectly polished nails.

Step 1 – Clean

Drizzle KOH PURIFYING POLISH REMOVER on a cotton pad and rub it in from the cuticles to the tips of your nails. This prevents the nail polish from getting stuck underneath the cuticles.

Step 2 – Base Coat

For best results, apply the KOH LONG LASTING BASE COAT first. This will help your colour nail polish to adhere better, dry faster and protects the nail from unwanted discoloration.

Step 3 – Colour

The KOH COLOUR collection, consists of more than 120 colours to choose from, offering a nail polish for every woman. Apply the KOH COLOUR of your choice in either one or two layers.

Step 4 – Protect

To enjoy your painted nails for longer, after applying the colour nail polish; follow with the KOH TOP COAT BAMBOO or KOH SUPER SHINE – leading to days of fun with your beautifully painted nails!

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