Beach Bag Essentials: Nail and Hand Care Products for Your Summer Getaway

As you prepare to soak up the sun’s golden rays and surrender to the allure of the seaside, don’t forget to pack your beach bag with essentials that exude elegance and refinement. Enter KOH Cosmetics, your trusted companion for elevating your summer beauty routine to new heights of sophistication. Let’s dive into the must-have beach bag beauties from KOH, guaranteed to keep you glowing from dawn till dusk.

  1. 105 KOH GOLDEN GLEAM Nail Polish

No beach day is complete without a touch of glamour on your fingertips. Picture yourself lounging on the shore, the sun glistening on the water, as your nails shimmer with the radiance of 105 KOH GOLDEN GLEAM. Infused with the brilliance of Topaz, this polish adds a mesmerizing sparkle to your manicure, perfect for capturing the essence of summer’s golden hours. With its long-lasting formula and nourishing properties, your nails will be beach-ready in style.


Sun-kissed skin deserves to be pampered with the finest care, especially when enjoying long days by the beach. Treat your hands to a luxurious indulgence with the KOH ESSENTIAL HAND NOURISHER. Formulated with blue lotus extracts and vitamin E, this silky-smooth lotion not only hydrates and nourishes your skin but also provides essential protection against the harsh summer elements with SPF 15. Packaged in a convenient pump bottle, it’s a beach bag essential for maintaining soft, supple hands all day long while ensuring they stay shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.


For the on-the-go beauty enthusiast, the KOH Miniature Manicure Set is a must-have addition to your beach bag arsenal. Compact yet comprehensive, this set includes everything you need to keep your nails looking flawless under the sun. From the nourishing cuticle brush to the crystal nail file to go, each tool is designed for convenience and portability, ensuring that your manicure remains impeccable wherever your beach adventures take you.


Say goodbye to jagged edges and hello to perfectly polished nails with the CRYSTAL NAIL FILE TO GO. Crafted from exclusive, wear-resistant glass, this compact file slips seamlessly into your beach bag, ready to rescue your nails from any beachside mishaps. This travel-friendly tool ensures that your nails are always beach-ready with a touch of elegance.


Keep your manicure looking fresh and vibrant with the KOH COLOUR BOOSTER. Designed to revive dull and fading polish, this quick-drying formula is a lifesaver for beach lovers on the move. Simply apply a coat to restore your nails’ brilliance and shine, ensuring that your manicure remains flawless from sunrise to sunset. With its beach-friendly packaging and instant results, the COLOUR BOOSTER is a beach bag essential for every stylish sun seeker.

As you embark on your beachside adventures, let KOH Cosmetics be your trusted companion for effortless beauty and timeless elegance. With these beach bag beauties in tow, you’ll be ready to embrace the sun, sand, and sea with confidence and style.

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