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Never suffer from damaged nails and/or chipped nail polish again! The KOH TOP COAT BAMBOO not only provides a lasting finishing layer, it also intensifies and maximizes the impact of the color varnish.

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The crystal-clear protective layer gives an exceptional shine and enhances the quality of the other nail polish, so that every color shines its brightest. The KOH TOP COAT BAMBOO comes in a luxurious case, which means you take the bottle with you wherever you go in either your handbag or suitcase. The case closes perfectly and is therefore also useful to use when traveling, for example for small money, vitamin pills or jewelery.


• Unique combination of hardness and flexibility
• When the nails bend, this protective top coat bends with them, so that the polish does not break or peel
• Intensifies and maximizes the color pigments of the paint
• Nicely varnished nails that last for at least 5 days
• Radiant shine

Recommended in combination with

We recommend using the KOH LONG LASTING BASE COAT before applying a colored polish. This varnish closes the nail and protects it against dyes in the nail polish. As a result, the color pigments in the nail polish can not discolour the nails. Protect your nails against discoloration!


When opting for a colored varnish, KOH experts always advise using a top coat. This prevents premature damage to the colored paint. Unfortunately, brighter colors, with lots of pigments, are more sensitive to fading, breaking and peeling. Apply one coat over polished, dust-free nails, and allow them to dry for one minute. The KOH TOP COAT BAMBOO can be applied every 2 days to refresh the color of polished nails.

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