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The timeless KOH clutch gives every outfit a stylish look. Do you have a romantic dinner? Or a business meeting? With the KOH clutch you always leave a lasting impression.

Nourishing Cuticle Brush

Daily care for the cuticles against unsightly, torn and painful cuticles. This very rich emulsion contains high-quality ingredients and essential oils that soften the cuticles and prevent them from drying out. The moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect activates the healing process, allowing tears and painful wounds to recover optimally.

Calcium Nail Whitener

The glossy polish offers an immediate solution for discolored nails. It intensifies the natural color of the nail and the added calcium has a firming effect and ensures optimal flexibility. The polish creates the effect of a French Manicure, but in just one step!

Recommended in combination with

File your nails into shape with ease with the KOH Crystal Nail File. This way your nails always look perfectly in shape.


Nourishing Cuticle Brush

Gently press the click on the end of the pen to allow the emulsion to flow into the brush. Then brush the brush over the cuticles so that the emulsion is evenly distributed. Within minutes, the substance is absorbed through the skin. With daily use, healthy, supple cuticles are assured within a few weeks.

Calcium Nail Whitener

Apply a thin layer of the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER which will dry within a minute. Always clean the nails with the KOH PURIFYING NAIL POLISH REMOVER before applying nail polish.


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