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Are your nails dull and discolored? Do you not have time to paint your nails with a base coat, color coat and topcoat? Then, use the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER!

  • Inspired by the incredible wealth of the Japanese way of life and rituals
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This glossy polish offers an instant solution for discolored nails. It intensifies the natural color of the nail whilst the added Calcium strengthens and improves the nails’ natural resilience. The polish creates the effect of a French Manicure in just one easy step!
The KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER comes in a luxurious case, which means you can easily take the bottle with you wherever you go in either your bag or suitcase. The case closes perfectly which makes it useful to keep your change, vitamin pills or jewelery in when you are travelling.


• The polish has the natural, fresh effect of a French manicure in just one step
• As a result of the added calcium, nails regain their natural strength and elasticity which helps to protect them against daily life
• Instantly shiny: white nail tips and a fresh, pink nail bed
• Unique combination of care and aesthetic

Recommended in combination with

Treat stained nails daily with the KOH PURIFYING NAIL BATH.


Put the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER in your car and/or handbag to give your nails a brilliant shine anytime and anywhere! It is also a good idea to keep the polish within reach for when you are on the go as you never know when you might find a hole in your tights! Easily prevent the tearing of your tights by putting the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER on the hole.


Apply the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER in a thin layer and allow it to dry for a minute. Always clean the nails with the KOH PURIFYING NAIL POLISH REMOVER before applying the polish.

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