The Guide to Hand Care for Men

For men, looking after your hands and nails is also extremely important. Factors such as fatigue, air conditioning, indoor heating, as well as cold and windy weather conditions all have a negative influence on the condition of our hands and nails. Make regular use of our luxurious and caring men’s manicure set.

STEP 1 – Nail Care
Hold the QUICK SHAPE FILE loosely in your hands and at a 45 ° angle just below the nail. File the nail gently in a smooth, circular motion and always move from the side towards the center of the nail. Do you prefer to cut? Using the KOH NAIL CLIPPER, you can cut your nails quickly and easily to your desired length.

STEP 2 – Cuticle Care
Care for soft and supple cuticles with the RECONDITIONING NAIL PEN. Spread the brush over the nails and cuticles so that the liquid and its ingredients are evenly distributed.

STEP 3 – Nail Care
In just one minute, create groomed nails that have a natural look and shine with the NAIL GROOMING BUFFER. Buff the nails in controlled and even movements. This movement will stimulate blood circulation that promotes the growth of healthy and strong nails.

STEP 4 – Hand Care
The fast absorbing HAND BALM has been specially developed for men’s hands. The formula, with rice oil and powerful ingredients from the Oriental Hinoki tree, restores and protects the moisture content already in the skin. For optimal care, KOH has added a vitamin complex of vitamins A, C and E.
Apply the MOISTURIZING HAND BALM daily to dry, clean hands as often as needed. The cream should feel light when it is applied to the skin and has an intensive moisturizing and nourishing effect.

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