Match your nail polish with this summer’s fashion trends

Every fashion lover knows: a look is not complete without tightly painted nails. However, which colour do you choose? Depending on the fashion trends of this summer, you go for nude, pastel or popping. In this article, we list the most beautiful nail polish colours based on the latest fashion trends.


In the summer of 2019, the flowers, colours and frills dominate the streets. It cannot be colourful and elegant enough: the more flowers, the better. Also, also: the more colourful, the more beautiful. You can reinforce this flamboyant trend by also decorating your hair with flowers and wearing eye-catchers of jewellery. The match for your nails? Lots, of course! 215 Pink Matters is the right choice if you like pink, but you’re also in good shape with 216 Mediterranean Green, 217 No Worries, 221 Jewel, 193 Bananas and 125 Dutch.


Not everyone has spent over the top colours and prints. Is minimalism more your thing and do you like earth tones? Even then you can indulge yourself this season. On the catwalks, we saw quiet natural tones at various fashion houses: beige, brown, ivory. By choosing simple finishes, you create a clean and minimalistic look. Safe? Perhaps. Boring? Never! With the right nail polish colour, you can match this trend by choosing earth tones. Nude is also a good option. Our suggestions: This is Favorite Nude, 190 Vintage Orange, 191 Nearly Gold, 144 Not Yet Brown, 138 Sahara and 104 Champagne Gold.


You can’t ignore it: neon is a big trend this summer. From neon pink and bright yellow! To orange and neon green. Combine different neon shades for a striking fashion statement or alternate with nude: the choice is yours. You can easily connect your nails to this fashion trend by choosing fierce, fiercer, fiercest. 221 Jewel, 186 Red Passion and 116 Brilliant Purple make your nails pop. As a counterpart, you can also choose black or grey, just as beautiful.


Every fashion season, we see a soft (pastel) colour on the catwalks. This summer dominates lavender: a lovely, smooth tone that is also very chic. This is good news for your nails because you can go a lot with lavender. Choose a matching purple hue or go for a little more present by choosing grey, black or bright red. You can better ignore bright colours like yellow, orange and green. This can clash. Our nail polish suggestions with this phrase: 173 Vintage Purple, 175 Sophisticated Purple, 164 Bahama, 180 Make My Night or 117 Smokey Violet.


The tie-dye trend has returned. This abstract print that looks like you put your clothes in a bucket turned out to have something “90’s,” but it is impossible to imagine the catwalk in 2019. Moreover, it does not matter whether you opt for a black and white tie-dye or whether you are wearing colourful clothing. The striking tie-dye print can be matched with metallic nail polish, in whatever colour. KOH Colour has various metallic options, such as 106 Shade or Bronze, 107 Metallic Red, 110 Glamorous Pink, 130 Midnight Blue and 131 Glamorous Purple.


Whichever nail polish trend suits you this summer and whatever nail polish you choose: every nail polish lasts longer and comes into its own when you use a base coat and top coat. Long Lasting Base Coat makes the nails nice and smooth, so nail polish sticks better and lasts longer. The coating also prevents discolouration of the nails. Finish your favourite nail polish colour by finishing with Super Shine Top Coat, a transparent topcoat that gives your nails a beautiful shine. The topcoat also ensures that your nail polish stays gorgeous longer.

What is your favourite nail polish trend for the summer?

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