KOH Body Treatment

KOH Body Treatment
Follow our complete body treatment to experience skin that is properly taken care of.
True beauty is when your body and soul are in complete harmony.

STEP 1 – Optimum Depth Effect

Allow the KOH BODY OIL SENSATION to burn for approximately 15 minutes so that the vegetable oil eventually becomes liquid. The oil should get warm but never hot. Extinguish the flame by enclosing the BODY OIL with the ceramic lid. Wait a few seconds and then apply the warm body oil to dry skin.

STEP 2 – Wash

Apply the KOH SHOWER FOAM SENSATION to the skin. This mousse turns into a richly moisturizing foam as soon as it comes into contact with water: a truly unique sensation! The soft foaming SHOWER FOAM SENSATION promotes the feeling of well-being and ultimate relaxation.

STEP 3 – Scrub

Massage the KOH SCRUB SENSATION in a circular motion on to moist skin. During the massaging movement the salt melts into the skin after which makes it feels wonderfully soft. Rinse with warm water.

STEP 4 – Finishing Touch

After this shower ritual, the KOH BODY CREAM SENSATION can be applied. This cream fuses with the skin when it is properly massaged in. The result? Skin that is silky-smooth and hydrated.

By using various KOH BODY SENSATIONS in combination with some of our other products, you can create nourishing fragrance layers on the skin. Now, you can feel spoiled and cared for all day long.

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