Four ways to marvellously manicured cuticles

September is the perfect time to pamper your cuticles. With the end of summer approaching and autumn in sight, we slowly but surely turn up the heating and bid farewell to our long summer days at the beach. We do, of course, need time to adjust, and so do our nails. Scroll down further to find out which four products allow for the ultimate post-summer restoration and winter preparation.

1. Purifying Cuticle Response

This silky soft gel, which comes in an elegant vial, has just one job: to keep cuticles soft and supple. As cuticles are slowly loosened from the nail plate, you will find it easier to remove dead skin cells. That’s good because it stops unwanted bacteria and prevents inflammation and hangnails. Be sure to keep the vial nearby (somewhere in sight) and use it regularly. What’s more, the Purifying Cuticle Response needs no more than two minutes to do its work.

2. Gentle Cuticle Stick

Once your cuticles have enjoyed a two-minute vitamin treatment, move on to step two: the Gentle Cuticle Stick. Use it to gently push back the cuticles and repeat this process regularly. The soft top will protect against damage and bacteria. Not only will your nails look longer, but they’ll also grow faster. Of course, beautiful and healthy nails demand a good cuticle-care routine, so give it a go!

 3. All Over The Top

Better late than never. Are your fingertips feeling sore and inflamed? All Over The Top knows what to do. With extracts of Akoya pearls and shea butter, this cream is incredibly nourishing and restorative. The ingredients reinforce and regenerate the skin so that irritations are soon a thing of the past. Use the silver spatula to apply a layer of cream to the fingertips. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a cotton pad. By the way, and let’s be honest, this luxury little pot makes a fine addition to any bathroom. All eyes on All Over The Top. It’s a real treat for the fingertips.

 4. Nourishing Cuticle Brush

A must-have for your nails: the Nourishing Cuticle Brush. It soothes the cuticles, repairs the skin, and prevents dryness. What’s more, it’s anti-inflammatory and highly restorative. All in one! The unique blend of ingredients and essential oils packs a punch and promises plenty: beautiful nails and cuticles, anytime and anywhere!

Tip: Put one in your bag or on the bedside table; you’ll never forget to use it.


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