Weekend routine: beautiful, well-kept hands in four steps

Are you planning a party? Or just in need of an ultimate pamper moment for your hands and nails? The weekend is the perfect opportunity for extensive hand care. In these four steps, you are assured of soft, smooth had and an extremely relaxed feeling.

Step 1: Scrubbing

Did you know that your skin renews every 28 days? To facilitate this process, remove dead skin cells by scrubbing your hands thoroughly with the Purifying Hand Peeling. This specific peeling slows down the process of skin ageing and prevents impurities. The skin immediately feels smoother and softer. Apply the peel to damp hands and rub it gently. Rinse and pat your hands dry. A significant advantage: clean hands also absorb active ingredients from hand cream better.

Step 2: Take care of your cuticles

You can still paint your nails so beautifully if your skins have sheets and wounds, then the effort is all for nothing. Recognisable? For healthy and well-kept cuticles, it is essential first gently to push them back. This ensures that your nails come loose from the nail plate and can grow so well. Never force your after-belts back with the nail itself; because of the accumulated dirt under your nails, you can get small inflames. To soak your cuticles, first, use the Purifying Cuticle Response. Then gently push the cuticles back with the Gentle Cuticle Stick or the Nail Pusher and Cleaning Stick. You can also use this to remove dirt under the nails. Do you still suffer from wounds and sheets? The Nourishing Cuticle Brush is a serum based on tea tree oil and bisabolol, which activates the healing process. Besides, it softens your cuticles after the first use. Prefer a cuticle cream? Try KOH All Over The Top.

Step 3: File your nails in model

The basis of groomed nails starts with shaping. KOH Crystal Nail File is a professional glass file that prevents hooks and splitting nails. Always file your nails in one direction, so make no sawing movements for the best results. Handy: the file is available in different sizes and is 100% hygienic in use because it is dishwasher safe.

Step 4: Hydrate your hands

You close your hand care with luxurious hand cream. KOH Essential Hand Nourisher is a full-bodied, fragrant cream with vitamins A, C and E, aloe vera, collagen and lotion extract. It nourishes, softens and protects your hands against dehydration and premature skin ageing. The Anti-Aging Spot Serum is enriched with green tea extract, which moisturises and restores. It gives the skin a beautiful, natural shine and the most significant advantage: it prevents pigmentation. With regular use, it provides results after five weeks. A good excuse to repeat your pampering routine every weekend.

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