The nail polish colours of autumn 20

Warm coats, soft sweaters and tightly cut trousers- the new fashion collections of the fall include the latest trend colours in the field of beauty. These are the nail polish colours that best match the fall of 2019.

Chilli pepper

In other words: spicy, bright red. This intense fall colour guarantees drama and excitement and stimulates your senses. In New York, designers such as Helmut Lang, Theory and Tadashi Shoji discovered it. KOH tips the 124 Brilliant Red, a bright red hue with a high gloss finish that completes your autumn look.

Crème de Pêche

This ivory hue with a hint of peach is soft, feminine and fresh. You can go for a complete look in one colour or opt for a different item in a contrasting shade. Think dark blue, moss green or deep purple. You do the translation to your nails with the soft, crisp and fresh 101 Orchid.


The most feminine fall colour of 2019 is undoubtedly bright pink. On the catwalk, this gold-en autumn hue was combined with bright orange, for a colour blocking effect. It was seen at brands such as Boss, Caroline Herrera, Anna Sui and Prabal Gurung. KOH Hot Pink is the perfect colour, bright pink.


This fresh, blue colour is somewhat out-of-the-box if you compare it with all the warm tones in the autumn palette. However, according to Pantone, Bluestone stands for a calm decision. It was seen among others by the American designer Marc Jacobs. The 208 Mint has a metallic finish that fits perfectly with velvet and cashmere sweaters.


Green has never been as beautiful and mysterious as this season. On the catwalks, this profound and the intense colour was reflected in all sorts of looks: from elegant dresses to bold overalls. This seductive forest colour also comes into its own on your nails. The perfect match is 203 Olive, which turns your hands into elegant, on-trend eye-catchers.

Your nails are at their best this fall

Your favourite trend colours stand out best by taking good care of them before painting. File your nails in style, gently push your cuticles back with the Gentle Cuticle Stick. Then paint them with the Long Lasting Base Coat, which prevents discolouration of your nails and extends the shelf life of your favourite fall colour. Finish with Super Shine Top Coat that protects your nails and leaves a beautiful wet look.

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