The most important resolution for 2023: more time for self-care

The turn of the year brings New Year’s resolutions. And at KOH, there is one in particular at the very top of our list: more time for self-care. That could include some TLC in front of the TV or a self-styled spa moment. Keep reading to learn about our favourite products to unwind and pamper yourself at home. You’ll never want to leave the house again!

1. Nail Bath

Who needs to go to the nail salon for a calming and well-deserved nail treatment? Give yourself a treat at home with KOH’s Purifying Nail Bath. Simply let your hands soak for five to ten minutes (or however long you like) for unrivalled relaxation. The invigorating mix of essential oils and nutrient-rich extracts works wonders for your cuticles while the lemon oil helps to strengthen the nails and make them shine. Oh, and the delightful smell certainly doesn’t go amiss!

2. Body Scrub Sensation

Start your at-home spa in the shower with this Body Scrub Sensation. The salt scrub is ideal for cleansing the skin and removing dead skin cells. What’s more, it contains Japanese cherry blossom, helps to fight cellulitus and keeps your skin feeling silky soft. And if you’re planning to top up your tan, this scrub also works as an excellent exfoliant.

3. Shower Foam Sensation

If you’ve completed the steps above but want to enjoy that spa feeling for a little longer, you need to get your hands on the Shower Foam Sensation. This delightful foaming shower gel has a subtle yet exotic aroma, which will instantly teleport you to a calming oasis, all without leaving the bathroom. When paired with the Body Scrub Sensation, you’ll step out the shower feeling clean, fresh and revitalised.

4. One for the men: Moisturising Hand Balm

It’s just as important for the men among us to make time for self-care. After all, your hands have to deal with a lot, irrespective of whether they do a lot of physical labour. For this reason, we recommend that you use a good hand balm (you deserve it!). The KOH Moisturising Hand Balm, for example, is perfect at home or on the go. The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula delivers an instant moisture boost. It’s super nourishing and even comes in a chic and stylish dispenser.

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