Prevent and repair the signs of skin aging

Thin, flabby skin and pigmented spots … These very common signs of skin aging are often not taken seriously. A nourishing day cream for your face seems obvious, but don’t forget about your hands!

Cell production declines from the age of 25, causing collagen and elastin fibers in our skin to lose their natural resilience. Our natural hydro-lipid layer is weakening, which makes the skin much more susceptible to harmful UV radiation and bacteria. Early wrinkle formation is often the unwanted result.

A hand bag essential

It is a good idea to use a day and night cream on your hands. How? Ensure that you always have an Essential Hand Nourisher with you in your handbag. This light cream combats any sign of wrinkles and imperfections with ingredients like Blue Lotus extract and Vitamins A, C and E. By using this product, you can protect your hands against harsh environmental conditions while you are on the road or at work.


Treat yourself to a luxurious hand peeling each week. The Purifying Hand Peeling provides a thorough cleaning and stimulates healthy blood circulation. This fresh, light gel promises to leave hands feeling clean and the natural balance of the skin restored.

Sleeping beauty

There is nothing like a pampering routine in the evening. Take care of your skin before you go to sleep with the Unique Lifting Formula. This rich, truly nourishing cream provides a firming, transforming effect of the hands and arms. Apply the cream just before bedtime in a massaging motion onto the hands and arms. Remember to always massage in the direction of your heart. The creamy texture of the product instantly melts into skin.

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