KOH FLAGSHIP STORE – Parfumerie Winnubst

For all your KOH related questions and purchases, visit our Flagship store at the following address:

Parfumerie Winnubst
Van Hoytemastraat 40
2596 ER Den Haag
The Netherlands

Every Saturday, we have one of our KOH nail specialists in store who is more than happy to give personalized advice on how to properly care for your nails.

Parfumerie Winnubst opened its doors over 40 years ago and is famous today for its exceptional customer service as well as their high-degree of knowledge about all of their products. They are home to an extensive range of luxury cosmetic brands and fragrances.

The store also has six beauty rooms and two pedicure salons, where customers can enjoy a range of manicure treatments using exclusive KOH Cosmetic products.

Enjoy our unique shopping experience

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