How to Prepare for the Darker Days and Colder Nights

Whether we like it or not, autumn is upon us. The lights go on that much earlier, and we slowly but surely start to crank up the heating. Outside, the trees begin to shed their leaves and the first few descend to the ground. So, what about our skincare routine? That, too, needs to change a bit, does it not? So, how about your own autumn-ready mini spa at home.

Healthy hands

When temperatures drop, the skin starts to dry out. That’s not just because of the cold and inclement weather but also the indoor heating (you may have already turned it on). But if you want to combat dry nails, cuticles and hands, then a rich and velvety cream is in order.

While we do have a natural hydro-lipid layer protecting our skin, this can be increasingly impacted by reduced cell division or sebum production. Without that layer, our skin is susceptible to UV radiation and viruses, all of which can lead to skin problems and premature ageing.

In short, you must give your hands a little extra TLC this autumn. You should try the KOH Unique Lifting Formula, for example. It contains vitamins A, C and E, and works to firm and tighten the skin. Apply it by massaging the formula gently onto the hands and arms. The pot itself is beautiful – a delight to use and display. And if you’re interested, there is also a mini version available – handy for when you’re travelling.

For the bathroom

When you step out the shower or a warm bath, you want nothing more than to wrap yourself up in a large, soft and cosy white towel. The KOH Bath Towels are ideal for this; they’re made from bamboo extracts so are velvety soft and luxurious. The KOH Wash Cloths are also made from the same material.

For the ultimate indulgence, you might want to light up the KOH Body Oil Sensation. This candle melts slowly and turns into a luxurious oil, which you can then massage into your body – skin-loving relaxation at its best, with the scent of Japanese cherry blossom.

In fact, KOH does have an extensive assortment of products for the body, including shower foam, bar soap and body scrubs. In case you’re unfamiliar, you can browse our full range here.

And not forgetting

Some products in the mini-spa selection are great for those on the go. This is helpful because our hands need more regular love and attention in October. Try the Essential Hand Nourisher Tube. This light and velvety cream, which is packed with vitamins and other good things, prevents your hands from drying out, even when you aren’t at home.

Short on time? We recommend using the Restoring Hand Mask. You apply it moments before you go to bed so the nourishing and restorative ingredients can get to work while you sleep. Wake up the next morning to firm, soft and healthy hands.

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