Crushing Coral


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In busy daily life, you sometimes need a moment to recover from social media, work and stress. KOH Cosmetics launches the Limited Edition Crushing Coral especially for you. The Crushing Coral is a mix of positivity, energy and self-confidence and all of that in one colour. The striking colour gives an extra power boost to crush any business meeting, summer drink or festival outfit!

  • Inspired by the incredible wealth of the Japanese way of life and rituals
  • Free returns within 14 days
  • Solid research and live up to what our products promise


KOH COLOURS creates the ultimate sense of elegance for every occasion, as they are also enriched with Topaz. This beautiful gemstone has a crystal-clear shine and a unique hardness. Similar to Topaz, KOH COLOURS have a dazzlingly sparkle. Furthermore, the polish is protected against damage for longer as a result of the added Topaz. The application of the patented Nano Technology ensures a long-lasting and intense color polish.


• More than 120 colours: match your nail polish to your mood or outfit!
• Nice coverage
• Nourishing effect on nails


To enjoy your painted nails for even longer, follow your choice of colour with the KOH TOP COAT BAMBOO.


Thoroughly clean and de-grease the nails using the KOH PURIFYING POLISH REMOVER. Apply one of the two base coats to ensure that the nail polish adheres better, dries quicker and is properly protected against discoloration. Finally, apply one or two coats of a KOH COLOUR of your choice.

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Weight 0.044 kg
Dimensions 30 × 28 × 10 cm


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